a day in the life of a criminal....

picture this:

there were only two people in the courtroom that were not in jeans. the two nicely dressed girls on the back row were sitting on the corner. one blonde, one a redhead, they were the only ones that did not exude a putrid combination of B.O. and smoke (other than the lawyers). the thoughts that kept running through their minds were, "why are we here? we don't even belong here!"
in the front right corner were chained inmates. convictions for the inmates ranged from a restraining order, to possession of drugs, to one account of rape.
the judge came in, and the redheaded female in pearls was so confused as to why everyone was standing up, so she just remained sitting down and staring at everyone. "whoops," she thought. "i hope he didn't see that i didn't stand!"
"brook dorff," the judge called with an intimidating voice. by this point the redhead was sweating bullets. "i see you are the last of a big group of people," he said.
"actually, the last one is here with me in the courtroom, sir," she said hesitatingly.
"okay, lets see which one." he paused. "megan allen."
the blonde went to join the redhead on the pulpit in front of the judge.
"i am assuming your lawyer told you to plead not guilty?" 
"yes, sir," the girls answered in unison.
"well then we'll have you come back to court on july 14th if you don't settle out of court. please go sign the paperwork."
after signing the appropriate paperwork, the two girls exited the courtroom, and breathed a sigh of relief. they had no reason to be scared out of their minds. they hoped in their hearts that it would be settled out of court, and that the criminal trespassing would be removed from their records to leave only throwing missiles. "hopefully community service will be exchanged for a fee," brook said.
..........to be continued...............


Photography by Evaly said...

Scary! Glad you survived!

Jill said...

haha. what room is your hearing in on the 14th? this sounds like one i might enjoy observing.