dear secrets,

dear confessions no one will ever hear me utter,
you are quite embarrassing to me, and i will never admit to having said you if asked. i just hope you never get onto the internet. that would be sheer disaster. the most embarrassing of your type are as follows:
1. i love jon and kate +8 and little people big world
2. i secretly love zac efron
3. i always look at myself in passing windows and mirriors
4. i cry during ridiculously sad commercials
5. i think it's hilarious to ruin pictures with closed eyes, looking off into the distance, etc.
6. i secretly will always think farting is funny even if it is gross and completely class-less. i wish i didn't think it was funny...
7. i would take a billion more pictures than i already do, but don't for fear of looking like a dorkus maximus
8. i use words like dorkus maximus
9. i am becoming my parents (which is not bad, i just thought it would never happen!)
10. i LOVE looking at wedding pictures and wedding blogs/websites; i wish i could have 6 receptions and temple ceremonies to use each wedding dress/temple/color combination i would like to...
11. i am a total bookworm
12. i ate someone's cream cheese...whoops
13. i frequent dating columns and i love books and articles on relationships. what's YOUR love language?
14. i am terrified of wrinkles and use profuse amounts of anti-wrinkle creams daily
15. i have late-night photo shoots.

hoping nobody will ever come across this incriminating list,
brook trout


juniormaxwells said...

Love love love it, dear Brook

Brady and Taryn said...

dear brook's secrets,
we have numbers 1,4,7, and 8 in common!!! ok ok, and maybe #3.

Alex said...

Time stopped at fernwood 107 when "Little People, Big World" was on.

Amy said...

Soo...love the post, but I just wanted you to know that I opened your blog in Safari...and no grey box. Weird, right? Well hopefully it resolved itself.

Oh, PS - Sara and I saw the whole jon and kate crew at the SLC airport back in January. It was amazing.