dear things i daydream about, (only relates to this week)

dear nice fluffy bed,
this week has been entirely insane, and i have two full days left, but alas, you and i will reunite soon. i just need to spend some more quality time with you, as i haven't even been able to make our mid-day rendezvouses. sorry. once next week comes, my days wont stretch from 6am to 10:30pm.
missing you,

dear friends,
please do not hate me for not communicating or seeing your for a week and a half now. my weekend trip to boston made it entirely impossible, and this week i haven't had any time for even sleep. someday, i will see you in person again instead of just the virtual world.
until then,

dear mom and dad,
yes, i am alive. don't you worry. yes, i graduate in less than a month. don't worry about that either.
love you!

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