shenanigans i've gotten myself into lately:

as of late, i've been terrible about posting pictures.
here are just a few highlights from my lovely life:

1. sleep overs at the bishop's cabin. i love talking until the late hours of the night, steam-rollering, hand and footing (please see last picture), and spooning with these ladies.
2. hanging out with these gorgeous ladies.

3. going to the bishop's cabin and going crazy. this picture cracks me up!
4. going to dance parties in provo with these ladies and man
5. this was from when i went to california a while back. it is still totally awesome, and it was a most epic adventure as it started to rain--actually POUR during the game. what a good time. go dodgers (although all bay area teams are way cooler)
6. honestly, you can't be in utah during the summer and not go to a rodeo. this was at strawberry days with my fine ladies again and jake. ps. sarah (the one closest to my head) is the one going to peru with me this fall, and i can not WAIT!!
7. unfortunately, this card game has consumed a greater part of my life the last two months, and we seem to be collecting more and more decks of cards. hand and foot=the coolest game you will EVER play.
in conclusion, my life is rad.

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Nate and Heidi said...

brook you're so gorgeous!!! hey, what does being "tagged" exactly mean??