They say that you can never take back a first impression.  I recently had a couple of different experiences while shopping that prove that first impressions and the way that you dress makes a huge difference.  We were assigned to go shopping once dressed not-so-great, and another time dressed to the nine's.  During each trip I went once to the grocery store, and once to Nordstrom.

The first time that I went, which was right after the gym, so not only did I look unpleasing to the eye, but I also probably smelled, and felt unpleasing, I did not have the best experience.  I am used to the superb customer service that exists at Nordstom (although the Utah Nordstoms are not as good as California's).  Needless to say, I was never asked once if I needed help starting a dressing room, or if I needed help finding my size.  It was quite disappointing.  At the grocery store, however, I was treated just the same as usual, which is basically no service at all unless it is asked for.

My second trip, I dressed up in my nice pair of jeans, took my expensive purse, and dressed the part.  Upon arriving at the denim section of Nordstom, I was immediately complimented on my "fabulous" jeans, and asked if I needed help finding another pair.  The attendant chose a couple that were made for my body type and size, and we went from there.  She was all smiles, and very attentive to my every need.  Again, at the grocery store, I was treated the exact same.

This leads me to believe the statement that you can never take back a first impression.  Once someone has spotted you, they make the initial judgments (be them right or wrong) on what type of person you are, on your past experience, and whether or not they believe that you belong there.  This is somewhat disconcerting and I tried to analyze myself to see if I have passed that sort of judgement on someone.  To be completely honest with myself, I always seem to become friends with and associate with the same types of people- these same people that dress like I do.  I always seem to get along with people that have the same interests as me, and that dress in a certain way.  The females are always a little girlier, and like to accessorize.  The males are a little on the sporty side, but they can dress nice if needed ("if needed" being the key statement).  I have decided after this activity to make a conscious effort to branch out of my comfortable circle, and try to become friends with people that do not necessarily dress the same way that I do.  I need to make sure that I realize that sometimes people have a bad day and they do not feel like dressing up, and that even though they may look like smelly slobs on the outside, that they may actually have great substance underneath. 


junior_maxwells said...

Very good points.

Viviana said...

I am happy that you have come to this point in life but concern that you didn't get to this conclusion sooner. Better late than never in this case.