dear GREAT deals in fast food,

dear spicy chicken sandwich at carl's junior,
YOU ARE DELICIOUS. thanks for being the only thing under 2$ (at a whopping 99 cents!!) on the menu. you are a great economical and comparatively healthy option to anybody who wants to eat their food, well, fast.

dear sour cream and chive potato at wendy's,
you are a surprisingly cheap and healthy alternative to the other items on the value menu. i'm glad you exist to give me the necessary amounts of vitamin c and potassium that i need. i'm in love with you.

spicy chicken wrap at wendy's,
YUM. lets go on dates more often. not only are you ridiculously cheap, but you also are quite large, filling, and healthy!
i can't wait to meet with you again,


Courtnie said...

I like the new look! Also, I have to agree about the spicy chicken sandwich at Carl's Jr. When I was pregnant with Ashlyn, I craved those things like mad! Or at least I said I craved them so I could eat them as much as I liked! Ha ha!

Mallory said...

i'm all for writing love letters to chicken sandwiches, i love them dearly.

brook said...

courtnie, that is brilliant! i can't wait until i'm preggers (some distant day from today) so that i can pull the same trick!