graduation pics!

well it's official.
i am graduated.
and here is a haiku i wrote just for this special occasion:

cap makes ears look huge
elder scott was brilliant
still hasn't set in

elder scott gave a great talk after having received his honorary doctorate degree.  he gave 10 points of advice to help us be successful and the ones i remember are: smile, don't complain, actively seek an eternal companion, serve, and that's all i can remember for now. i wish i could find it online somewhere!

anyway, the weekend was so fun-filled being able to see my parents (since the last time I saw them was during Christmas when I still had an appendix), celebrating, and seeing my extended family! enjoy the pictures!


Viviana said...

I like the new background!! I have the 10 points Elder Scott mentioned if you want them.

Love you!1

Stephanie C. said...

How fun!!! Congrats!! :D

faith said...

congratulations, again. that's really exciting. good luck with the job search.

Christy said...

Congratulations!! Mark is jealous. He doesn't think he'll ever finish!