what protects our hearts...

just a cage of rib bones and other various parts

i can only hope...

that people take more time to understand each other more
that love can be felt towards people we once disliked a lot
that if love can never be felt towards someone, that we don't go to the extent of trying to hurt them on purpose
that people will be honest
that i can always be there to comfort or talk to/listen to someone when they need me
that people don't worry about themselves so much and being vulnerable, but instead that they just give everything their all
that people live life with no regrets
that people will draw closer to god
that anywhere i live throughout my life, i will be able to access slurpees easily
that someday i will get some guts to tell people what i think

1 comment:

Viviana said...

YOu ar so full of inspiration. You are taking life just a step higher every day!! Really, when I grow up I want to be like you.
I like what you say about hurting others on purpose. Sometimes I do that without realizing it if it makes any sense. I almost want to frame this entry... You are one outstanding girl!!