dear life at the student health center,

dear byu,
maybe you should create a sex ed class as party of the GE program. far too many people know not enough. i'll leave it at that.

dear peter priesthood (fiancé of molly mormon),
you can not go in with her during her pap. trust me, you don't want to.
feel free to, however, go in with her during the pre-marital consultation part. i gurantee you'll feel awkward 97% of the time, even though you thought you knew EVERYTHING. news flash: you don't. trust me on this one too: you don't wanna know what's in her goodie bag.

dear mother of 3,
you can only take two children in. i'd suggest to bring in the screaming ones, and leave the 4 year old in the quasi-nursery. no, really, i wouldn't suggest leaving the newborn.

dear newly wed molly priesthood,
do not be upset about the news you just found out two months after your marriage. is it really that difficult to pop that little sucker in everyday at the same time? it was your fault.



junior_maxwells said...

HAHA! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Logg said...

Dear newly wed molly priesthood,
Have fun discovering what it is like to be a couple, to have amazing expereinces just the two of you, to enjoy a weekend or a vacation away from home, or even a relaxing dinner at home............in eighteen years (at least, assuming you learn how to use that little pill our dear Brook mentioned)
Thank you Brook, it needed to be said

Karina Marie said...

BROOK!! I had NO idea!! That was seriously the funniest thing I have read in a while, I shared with many others. Thanks for making an otherwise dull morning exciting. =)

Laura said...

oh man, i wish i could have said that to some of our patients! haha, nicely done brook

austin said...

That is hilarious. Thank you

Alex said...


Stephanie said...

haha... I'm thinkin you should post this somewhere in the waiting room over there. Really, you could change lives. :)

Stephanie C. said...

haha that's awesome