dear wonderful mallory,

dear pam of the nursing department,
why are you so awesome? your blog post made my day, and it made me remember how excellent you are. why, you ask? well, let me tell you:

1. you are an o.g. and want to be part of a street dancing crew. how cool is that???
1.5. i LOVEEED watching lion king 1 1/5 with you and jimmy last year. most hilarious movie ever. to go along with this one, you and jimmy are SOOO much stinking fun to hang out with!!
2. you love hip hop, and you're married. i thought those were mutually exclusive.
3. you love your family more than life itself and it's absolutely adorable.
4. you are HILARIOUS.
5. you had the COOLEST halloween decorations last year and i loved every single one.
6. you are my HSM BFF and we have matching hairclips. that pretty much seals your coolness deal.
7. your husband is hilarious and makes great enchiladas that i've been craving for about a year.
8. we have an amusing wall-to-wall that i looked at for about an hour today.
9. you're GORGEOUS!! and you take great model shots.
10. you look fabulous with long hair AND short hair. that's really unfair. proof:

11. you got to travel europe this summer while your hubbie studied for the DAT. i'm absolutely jealous.
12. you gave me some excellent reading ideas and i'm heading to the provo library TOMORROW to borrow the books. i can't wait.

overall, i think you're fabulous. i pledge to go to kickboxing soon, and i can not wait for the african dancing class on thursdays. as a matter of fact, i will probably go this week, and our relationship WILL extend beyond the internet!
with love,

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Mallory said...

brook, my love:
1. I am so happy that my mom and Bob made it on the blog, too.
2. You truly appreciate Jimmy's craziness and that makes me so happy, too.
3. If you come to kickboxing this week I will cry with joy.
4. Thank you for thinking I'm funny, sometimes I think I just think I have too much time on my hands.
5. I am torn between going to kickboxing on Thursday or the Office party...we'll see.
Love, Malory