facebrook etiquette 101

1. if you break up with someone in real life, allow them to break it off virtually.
2. if you friend request someone on fbook it's your responsibility to write on their wall first.
3. not all comments deserve a response, although a response should be given from time to time.
4. do not add someone you've hardly met or have not met at all (unless you both know who each other are and it's for a good reason, namely they'll be in your family soon, etc). that's just kinda weird. if you've had several short conversations, or one long one, that's okay.
5. do not facebook stalk people in public places. it's weird walking by a computer in the WILK and seeing a stranger look at your profile (this has happened to me before).
6. if you no longer want contact with someone (break-ups, bffs gone sour) do not un-tag yourself from all pictures related to that person, or un-tag the other person from all of your pictures. that's weird and it's a low blow.
7. do not un-friend someone unless they murdered your mom. it's weird and immature.
8. do not take profiles too seriously.
9. don't take wall posts too seriously for that matter.
10. having more than 1000 pictures means you're on way too much.
11. having more than 1000 friends means you're on way too much (guilty!).
12. do not update your status every 3 seconds, or write overly dramatic ones (actually, keep them coming because they're pretty entertaining).


Viviana said...

#5 is my favorite. Very funny

Stephanie C. said...

I think I violated more than half of those.

N. S. H. said...

Really? 1088 friends? Go ride a bike or something. Okay...I'm at 600+ and still counting. I guess I don't have room to talk.

Mallory said...

I love that I live in a world where there can be Facebook etiquette. Question: If I want to up and delete my own Facebook profile, do I have to warn everyone by putting it in my status? Or can I just do it. Seriously thinking about it...Love, Mallory.

Cambria Marie said...

OK! I TOTALLY agree with #1... long story!

Cambria Marie said...

OMG, so this guy I went on a date with ONCE on friday, totallly un-friended me. I was just like.. are you serious?? Good times! Gotta love good 'ol Facebook.

brook said...

cami, sounds like the boys you are dealing with are totally lame!!
mallory, yes you DO have to warn us!! don't do it! facebook.com is the greatest thing to ever exist!
stephanie, its a good thing there are no serious repercussions to violating these facebrook rules.