random randomness:

first of all, happy october 1st! i LOVEEEE fall, and sweater weather, and leaves, and drives, and all wonderful things associated with this time of year. here's a picture of a little drive i went on last year through the alpine loop with a really good friend. gorgeous, huh? 
also, if you have any good halloween costume ideas, let me know, cuz i'm FRESH out.

my teacher in elementary school (mrs mills) always used to tell us to say "happy bunny" on the first of every month before we said anything else to anyone else. this was in 5th grade, and i still do that. weird? probably.

things i wish i would have done this summer:
1. gotten tan--indoor jobs don't really help out in this department

2. gone camping--again, jobs putting a damper on my life
3. gone to the zoo!
4. gone to lagoon
5. visited the beach at least once

exciting things that happened on october 1st, 2008:
1. my diploma arrived in the mail!! (yup, that says thomas s. monson and cecil something samuelson on the bottom)

2. i got a job offer from a job i want! i start on monday working for the american lung association of utah as a program coordinator. i also work really closely with the utah department of health with the asthma program and asthma task force. another part of my job is helping with workplace tobacco policies. i'm more than excited!


Stephanie C. said...

YES!!! awesome awesome awesome. I'm so happy that you got a job you want :)

Martha said...


ps. you better not be naked behind that diploma. that's what it looks like.

Brady and Taryn said...

Yay! That's awesome that you got that job! It sounds like a pretty sweet one with lots of responsibility :) You'll do a great job! I already have a job, but let me know if you hear of a sweet part time position- it would be nice to have a job that actually deals with my degree...

Katie King said...

Hey congrats on the new job!!!! And that's a pretty diploma!!! I WANT ONE! Okay....I just have to wait till April.

Evaly said...

Yay! Diploma & job- sounds like a great day :)

Jill said...

just wait till you get your wallet sized diploma in the mail. that was a fun day.

N. S. H. said...

It's about time you got a job!

Carissa & Jonathan Kougias said...

I'm so glad you got the job you wanted! Congrats!!! I don't remember Mrs. Mills telling us to say happy bunny at the beginning of the month.

Lorinda said...

Yes! Congratulations on both accounts!