dear males,

dear boss/boyfriend/hometeacher/dad/anyone really,
us women now have a way of informing you un-awkwardly that we are in fact lashing out at you for one reoccurring reason: pms. enjoy. also, i would check the meter regularly, sometimes it's at a 4, and then you realize why you've had such a bad day....

dear women,
please join to help those around you out.

lovingly, no i hate you, wait take me back....

ps. if you wanna see some hilarious stuff, type pms into google and look at the images.


Viviana said...

your blogs are just too much!!

Mallory said...

I did as you directed and my favorite Google image for PMS was one of a woman looking quite stressed from her latest pre-menstrual episode and her husband/boyfriend/significant other is holding her close kissing her on the forehead. Sweet kid.
It's almost nice knowing that PMS exists because then I can blame mood swings, rude outbursts, crying when I see a stray dog, etc. on these cosmic force.

faith said...

the pms diner was pretty good. :)