recent realizations....

1. i was the "trouble kid" in school. see last post.
2. my life is beautiful, carefully crafted, and guided.
3. i love my line of work. i will never be rich, but fulfillment is way more rewarding.
4. there are some people i will never stop caring about no matter how much i wish i did...
4 1/2. i sometimes miss people dearly and wish stuff was like it was before, but get really sad when i realize it wont be. i miss all of my random friends....so emo, i know, but you faithful blog readers know that i get like this sometimes.
5. there are other people who i wish i cared more about.
6. i am gonna have a hard time parting with provo.
7. cattiness is unattractive and hurtful.
8. i need to live life in the moment..."one step at a time...like learning to fly or falling in love" (ohhhh jordin sparks, you are INSPIRED).
9. chocolate doesn't solve everything (ie obesity), but it does solve a lot of things.
10. sugarhouse is great for the following reasons: nordstrom rack, whole foods, chipotle, my job, and it makes for EXCELLENT people watching.
11. everyone has redeeming qualities and they're not too difficult to find if i look for them.
12. halloween is stressful, especially when i've been everything a red head could possibly be.
13. i'm quickly becoming an old lady-early to bed, early to rise (earlier than the sun, in fact).
14. family is precious.
15. mattresses are expensive, but at least i wont have to use a used stained one anymore like the provo ones provided in every apt i've ever lived in.
16. these girls are the best:

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Cambria Marie said...

You will love Sugarhouse! And you're right, there is amazing people watching!! We will need to play, we are neighbors now! And there is so much to do in sugarhouse I'm sure you'll get out of the "old lady" mold :)