dear santa,

first of all, you are so hip (watch the other ones on youtube if you have the time-type in palm claus):

second of all, i've got you figured out. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT. i always knew you weren't real {i told you i would spoil it}. i never really knew your purpose, but i got it! on the plane ride back to california, i sat next to some really naughty {and totally obnoxious, like poking me and pulling my ear-phones out of my ears kind of kids} and the only way the mom could get them to stop screaming at the top of their lungs for about .7 seconds was by telling them you wouldn't give them anything for christmas. so THAT'S your purpose in life. well, i think it's a lame excuse for bad parenting. okay, maybe that's a little harsh, but honestly. 

third of all, i want THIS PALM PRE for christmas. it's the bomb DOT com, and totally blows the iPhone out of the water {don't believe me? just google it...}. do you think you could come a little sooner this year? i promise i wont scream on airplanes or bug unsuspecting innocent bystanders.....

brookie cookie

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BollingerMutual said...

One of the reasons it rocks is that many of the brilliant makers of the iPhone went to Palm to do it right this time.

oh, and regarding Santa Claus, he is doesn't exist, but Santa's dwarfs definitely do. Don't tell anyone, but I'm one of them. I'm working on some cool toys...