dear idiot drivers,

{this is a real picture. identities will NOT be hidden so if you see this man on the I-15 get in front of him and 
go as slowly as possible}

dear tommy tailgater,
dear indecisive ingrid,
dear mrs. "i like to go 2 mph and get right in front of you even if you are going 65 mph so you have to dangerously slam on the breaks,"
dear tired and hasn't-had-her-coffee-fix terry,
dear larry last-minute cut-off,
dear mary multi-tasker (make-up, breakfast, cell phone),
dear break-happy bobby,
dear radio-loving rachelle,
dear 110 mph semi-truck driver,
dear invincible truck driver,
dear "my car is made for snow,"
dear "i'm too good for turn signals,"
dear "i have a small car and can zip in n out of traffic,"
dear cops,

people like you cause accidents and make me extremely upset.
please get off the roads between the hours of 7:45-8:45am, and 4:30-5:15pm.



Anonymous said...

dear brook. amen

Anonymous said...

dear brook. amen. p.s. also include the rest of the hours of the day and night.
p.p.s dear bike lane Mike, that's for bikes, not for cars.

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Dear Brook, Wow, hold your horses. We need a little more road LOVE and less road hate. And that, my friend, begins with you and me.