yes, i admit it: i'm terrified!

i just realized there are two things that absolutely terrify me!

1. taxes. and this is the first time i'll have to do it on my own! what if i do it wrong? what if i forget to add something, and then i go to jail? (speaking of, i'm OFFICIALLY off of probation now. no more worrying about going over the speed limit, staying out past curfew, or loitering for me!)

2. potty training. i just watched jon and kate plus 8 (i'm obsessed!!--along with American Idol and the Office) and they had a potty training episode, which made me realize that is a horrific and terribly scary thing to do, but to be honest, i'll potty train as quickly as i can (is 6 months too early??) because i think changing diapers is an even scarier thing to me.....oh dear.

NOW on a completely different note, i have recently discovered the secrets to the best eyelashes in the world!

1. heating your eyelash curler! just take your hair dryer, and heat it for like 4.1 seconds (any more than that will burn your eyelids!) and your eyelashes stay wonderful for the whole day.

2. the most amazing mascara (with the most intimidating wand in the whole entire world) is: Dior's DiorShow. they have blue, purple, brown, and black...quick! go out and buy it! (sephora and nordstrom both carry this little bottle of wonder potion)

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Martha said...

i used to heat up my eyelash curler with my blow dryer in high school. i totally forgot about it. nooow, i can do it again, thanks to you :) p.s. it TOTALLY kills when you heat it up too much and then put it on your eyelid. ouch.