brook's list of first date questions:

1. what is your blood type?
(this is very very important. he HAS to have negative blood type, or i will not marry him. i WILL not take a shot to the buttox for every pregnancy due to my cousin evaly who has terrified me beyond belief. and trust me, this weeds out about 50% of the boys i come across, so it's actually a great question!)

2. do you like to dance?
(this would be taken care of if i could meet boys dancing, although unfortunately most of those guys end up being sleazy)

3. are you okay if i blast britney spears, kc and jojo, gloria estefan, and dashboard confessional occasionally?

and now...here is a question for you readers:
what comes first??..and then what's next??
a. holding hands
b. cuddling
c. kissing
d. none of the above
e. all of the above at the exact same time


Alex said...

wait i don't understand the blood type thing- explain in a future post??

and I think the bonus question: whichever feels naturale...

Dan & Janel said...

Brook your blood type thing is hilarious! There is actually a very small chance of your baby's blood mixing with yours during birth that would create a problem with the RH- factor. :P -- but... being in the hospital you'll have to have it either way, even if the baby gets your blood type regardless of your hubbys.

Evaly said...

I'm sorry I have terrified you! It really is THAT bad, but of course the babies are worth it :) To answer your question... I think cuddling and hand holding could happen at the same time. Kissing probably a little later (but maybe later during the same date!)

Jen R. said...

I totally believe that cuddling is least intimate...so I always cuddle first. That is followed by a kiss (which usually comes after an amazing cuddle session)And hand holding is last. I don't know why but hand holding is big time for me.

Anonymous said...

D. Marriage comes before all of them! You can't get diseases from cuddling or hand holding. Anything you can get sick from is intimate.
Asking blood type is a common part of an introduction in Japan. Maybe you picked it up there?

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Hmmm, those are good questions. My philosophy has always been handholding then kissing, with cuddling just coming whenever it happens. But recently I have been having a little change of heart. Maybe just going for the kiss is best, even before hand holding. But, one thing is for certain, oh, never mind. Ask me -personally if you want to hear my other views. For now, I am sticking with my original policy- handholding then kissing.