are you for REALS??

i find myself saying the title of this blog post a lot in a variety of different situations. often times to ridiculous drivers who are going too slow, too fast, or just driving too idiotically. this also comes out in casual conversation when girls speak of desperately wanting to get married, when i hear of ex-boyfriends asking out some of my best friends (and them saying yes), when horrible people make it far in reality show competitions (mostly just american idol), when i offer people help and they say no and then get on a cell phone call and complain about how nobody helped them right in front of me, when i see how much i saved at harmons, when i get reminded to wash my hands, when cha cha's texting service goes crazy and sends me a GILLION texts in 20 minutes, when people inform me of "how old" i'm turning and "why aren't you married yet???!!!?!??!!," when my fruit goes hairy before i can eat it, when it snows during spring, when i accidentally schedule myself to be in 3 different places on the same day at the same time, and when michael scott talks. speaking of michael scott, here's a great video clip most of you have probably already seen:

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Carissa & Jonathan Kougias said...

Gotta love the office. I don't really know why, but Andy reminds me of Ted.