man vocabulary

i have recently come across or created some very key words having to do with men. they are as follows:

*moobs: man boobs. self-explanatory.

*mantourage: this dates back to all pre-pubescent women, when they could not go anywhere by themselves. see entourage or clique. women were seen flocking to the restroom with other women and going to social events with at least two other friends. most women who experienced an phenomena similar to the male version, the mantourage, even had their own language, which many men are seeming to create in these groups. these words and phrases include those such as "dude" and "commitment-phob." many have started to study the entourage or clique to understand the strange occurrence. 

*manrichment: another word relating to woman-like behavior where men attempt to replicate the women's version, enrichment. men have been spotted during manrichment events doing things such as weight-lifting, alphabet-burping, and other similar testosterone-filled events. 

if you or anyone you know have experienced any of these strange happenings, please report immediately.


Cambria Marie said...

Don't forget about a murse aka man bag. lol.

thatonegirl said...

manrichment: our guys got a bunch of old things like toliets, stereos, whatever they could find that was broken and broke it up even more with sledgehammers

do emo guys count? the pants, the eyeliner, the hair. or have they simply gone too far...