well recently i've discovered that i'm not actually a hunter gatherer, but more of a digging sort. no no no, silly, not like an agrarian communist type. like, i like digging.
for example:
i ALWAYS dig up the chunks in ice cream. like i always find the cookie dough chunks, or the peanut butter mini cups, or whatever other deliciousness presents itself in chunk form, preferably in ice cream.
another example:
i ALWAYS dig up the most frosted frosted mini wheats, and MAN are they frosty! i have on occasion found one entirely frosted on both sides. i even found a double mini wheat double frosted. that was the best day of my life to date. i don't even know if a wedding would top that. you know what, to prove this, i am going to start taking pics of the mutantly covered mini wheats. done and done.
another digging example:
i love digging my elbows into people who irritate me. i have freakishly pointy elbows, so don't bother me, or try to get a rebound while i am.
i dig cute boys.
i like digging up information on people, usually via googling their names. okay that's not really digging stuff up, because that would be somewhat disturbing.
i am a gold digger. there, i said it. jk! i'm really not.
i also like digging things, and i really dig this song about digg (i've mentioned her before on here. she's my absolute favorite and someday she'll make it big. plus, she likes macs!):


Chris and Christina said...

i totally know what you mean about digging.... when i pop a bag of popcorn, i dig through and find all the white ones first then i eat all the yellow super buttery ones last! oh AND when it comes to lucky charms, always dig around and find the grains first and then when all the marshmallows are left, i eat them one at a time and enjoy each one individually :)

Lani said...

are there people who don't dig for the most frosted mini-wheat? I thought that was totally normal!

MissKris said...

Your example of the mini wheats is proof that we were meant to be friends. LOVE mini wheats.
Have you ever tried putting a little peanut butter on the side without frosting. mmmmm... it could change your life. Just be careful. Do it too often and it can change your dress size as well.

brook said...

guys, i thought i used to be normal too until several roommates have pointed out that it isn't. i ALSO love leaving the marshmallows until the VERY end....yum. and kris, i'm not sure i want my dress size to change before swim season...maybe i'll wait till next winter?? haha