what i'm attempting to get back into:

yeah i know blah blah blah don't end a sentence in a preposition. but it technically wasn't a sentense. so take that!

okay, anyway, i'm trying to get back into dancing! i've missed it. it sustained me through my childhood. it sustained me through high school. it kept me sane/happy/excited through college. and i have not danced for about a year now. needless to say, it is driving me INSANE. so, i'm going to start going to a little hip hop group get together thing on saturdays, and maybe even join a dance studio. know any good utah ones?? cuz i certainly don't. 

for now, i'll leave you with my favorite dances from SYTYCD, and america's best dance crew:



start watching the next vid @ 4:20--

start watching this one at 15:15 to see my faves again....(and the girl that does head spins for like 2 minutes at the end has 2 kids. AND she's putting her glasses on while she's doing it!! totally rad!)


Christy said...

Thats really cool! I hope you do it you'll have so much fun!
If you wanted to save money you could check what your city Parks & Recs offers, its always cheaper than a dance studio. Unless you want to get into something serious and start competing or soemthing.

Amy said...

As soon as you learn to dance like that I'll fly you to DC to give me lessons!

Mallory said...

You should definitely just go watch the dance companies at Alta perform because there is no way there there are better dancers anywhere in the world than right there, in that very gym.

PS thanks for the compliment on my blog...you're the best.