call me scrooge...

[insert beautifully centered picture of an "echo" here]
[i googled images of "echo" and hated all of them. what does an echo look like to me? maybe a giant war-era concert hall that was once filled with gorgeous crystal dresses and brightly colored red lipstick, but is now filled with dust and only streaming light from the outside. melodramatic enough??]

well, it's been almost three months since i've posted anything, and i honestly feel a complete void in my life. i do, however, have some very incredible reasons as to why i haven't posted, and that's one thing: i became serious. and quite boring. i've had some recent "awakenings" if you will, and feel like i must share them with the world. standing on my little rooftop, screaming my little red-headed heart out, and maybe hoping i'll hear more than an echo as a response.

christmas came and went.
new years came and went.
then april never existed.
then may=craziest time of my life ever (i turned 24, and i took a two-week rape crisis class--will explain later).
then june never happened.
i soaked up the fourth like water in the desert.
and now we're beyond half way through the year.
what in the world??

quick interjection:
why do i always feel like i'm apologizing to my imaginary internet friends??
back to my post...

in all honesty, however, i will explain my issue. i've always known that i am a deep thinker. i often find myself enjoying deep thoughts about life, the universe, why people act and are the way they are, etc. and more importantly why i do the things that i do. what motivates me? what moves me? where does all of my time go to? and why am i not living the potential that i should be?

well, here i go elaborating on one thing at a time. just you wait. i may not be as hilarious as i always am. or maybe i'll surprise myself?

the title of this post comes from my dislike of christmas. get ready.


rebecca said...

funny or not, glad to have you back.

taryn said...

I thought you had given up on blogging. Probably because I always go through blogging funks and think either I'll stop blogging all together or just go private without telling anyone. This is not just a mindless thought, but goes along with what you were saying about apologizing to imaginary internet friends... I always do that too and I hate it! I feel like I have to defend myself to anyone who might be 'passing by' and judging me or my little family, which leads me back to thinking of going private or stopping all together. This is the roller coaster that is my blogging life. Maybe I should do a post about this since I just took up your entire comments page.

Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

Michelle said...

What? You wrote a blog post?

Alexandra said...

I hope I'M not an imaginary internet friend!!!

brook, just let the stream of consciousness flow, kerouac style. whenever. whenever. at your approval. I love your thoughts.


word verification: emordirk - like "emo dork" ?! aha

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Did you write this in reverse? Like start at the end and work your way to the first line?

brook said...

taryn! i just love you. and don't worry, even if i don't comment, i read every single one of your posts to see your adorable little liv :)

and no, it wasn't written in reverse, although that would make for an awesome post, dave!