bucket list:

....someday when i don't have to work and i have money saved up.

1. go to every ballpark in the nation in one summer.
2. go to the kentucky derby and wear huge hats and a summer dress.
3. greece, thailand, spain, prague, fiji. need i say more?
4. see fireworks at the nation's capital.
5. see mount rushmore.
6. dip a foot (or two) in each great lake and the mississippi.
7. dress up in ridiculous 80's prom dresses and go to a non-80's formal event. oh wait, i already did that....


MissKris said...

hahaha I love it.
You were born 20 years too late. You would have rocked the 80's.
I'll go to the Derby with you. I'm always game for events with hats :)

austin said...

I've done 4 & 5, and highly recommend them. If you ever want to, my house in Virginia is just 15 minutes from DC and we go pretty much every year, so just drop in!

Chris and Christina said...

oh my heck count me in when you do your baseball stadiums in one summer and i have always wanted a huge hat with a summer dress!

Amy said...

I highly suggest #4, it's fabulous. Just get a job out here and you'll be set to checking off another item on your bucket list.

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Want to go to Thailand next Summer? I'll even throw in a Summer dress to sweeten the deal? I really want to go there next year. Like, REALLY.

Viviana said...

Brook, I think you should go to Thailand just so you see David on a dress!! Don't go during hurricane season his dress may blow up. :)

brook said...

christina (almost) mack..of COURSE you guys are invited on my ballpark tour!
for the rest of you who've participated in my life-long dreams, i'm entirely filled with envy!!
dave, thailand it is!
and kris.....you belong at the kentucky derby :)

Amy said...

Brook! I want to do the Rushmore thing too--on motorcycles! Brave enough?

Thailand is great--I think you should feed the elephants! In Chang Mai! And ride in a Tuk-Tuk. And you should eat some amazing food. I love Thailand!