dear hope,

(image via michael totten...apparently these two words are incongruously seen all over the tel aviv)
dear hope,

i have frequently thought about you. i can often feel you at fleeting moments of my life, and can't help but think that you are so misunderstood. yet, you are always there for me when no other emotion can comfort me. you are the last thing i want to lose, nonetheless through your reputation of being someone who "has the deep eyes of someone well aquatinted sorrow, [and] the luminosity of recently being wet with tears," are the last i want to get to know. this beautiful story to me, describes you more than adequately. thank you for all you do.



David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

It's so important to remember the Hope that is in the world, such as the story of those two wrestlers. Wow, that was profound, yea? Hope is great. Do you like the song 'Human' by The Killers? Brandon Flowers talks about our departure from hope in the song.

Christy said...

I love HOPE. If it weren't for hope I couldn't be a social worker. People always ask how I manage to work in this field, and its usually that I have a hope that people and circumstances can change. And then you get to see that hope transform into resiliency and then into reality.

Keep hoping!