full body touching non-cuddling

i'm going to take a quick break from re-capping the last two-three months hilarious happenings by just stating that these days, all a single girl can ask for is full body touching non-cuddling.

here's how it goes:

1. subject f(emale) and subject m(ale) like each other.
2. subject f thinks that girls shouldn't do all of the work.
3. subject m thinks that guys shouldn't do all of the work.
4. during the day and any group activities a whole lot of hugging and random "behind the elbow" touching...apparently that's a subconscious indicator of attraction
5. then all of a sudden subject f and subject m find themselves in a situation where more than just the during-the-day-and-group activities can occur (although they, at first, still attend group activities....just go to ones where the rest of the group isn't paying attention, ie. movies, walking somewhere during the night, etc.)
6. then, because both subjects feel that it is the other person's responsibility to take charge, absolutely nothing occurs but what i like to call full body touching non-cuddling, or FBTNC for short. this can be described as one complete side of subject f touching the complete side of subject m with some serious electric currents running through the points of contact (again, this goes all the way down from shoulder to ankle), BUTTTT there is no intermingling of subjects occurring. no intertwining arms. no arm behind the head. no hand holding. nothing. whatsoever.

now, i've found myself in this situation several times, and have found others to be in the same position on more than one occasion and think that this needs to be remedied, without subject f having to do all of the work. which, in turn, is the whole basis of the problem.

oh well. the life of a single girl never stops being comical.


rebecca said...

hahaha. this totally has happened to me multiple times recently! so good!

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

I am just a tad bit confused. Was that black and white picture an example? If not, could you post a photograph with you and another man doing FBTNC? Perhaps you could record the electric pulses as well, just so that I get a better idea of the energy we are dealing with here. Thanks Brook.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy... I'm sweating.

Alexandra said...

stinkin' hilarious. keep the comical single lady posts coming...

Natalie said...

The only time I can remember this happening in with my husband...and I had to finally give in and hold his hand. SO worth it though! :)

MissKris said...

I blame the feminists.
They just had to go mess up the status quo so the rest of us don't know what is expected or what to expect.