Life lessons from the Hubble #3:

who knew space travel was difficult?

i mean, i've always heard references to being or not being a "rocket scientist" but i always figured that only included those that MAKE the not-so-little suckers. well, apparently being the person who flies up in the rocket (i guess they're called astronauts? haha) also takes a lot of time, preparation, perseverance, and ultimately determination.

at the very beginning of the film, one of the astronauts that's about to embark on the epic and important voyage says,
"the advice i'd give my children? if something's hard, it's worth it. go do it."

this came to me at a moment where i was making a lot of decisions. whether or not to quit my job. whether or not to go to school. whether or not to up and move to somewhere where the culture is a little more normal, and the weather isn't awfully cold 10 months out of the year. whether or not to move to a beach town and become a yoga instructor or a mailwoman. whether or not to crawl into a hole and hybernate the rest of my life whilst watching youtube clips and stalking people on facebrook.

i started thinking about the most rewarding times of my life: my freshman year in H.S. (i was taking dance, on the dance team, playing field hockey, and taking a bunch of ridiculous classes), my freshman year in college (break ups, lots and lots of hospital visits, homesickness), when i went to the dominican republic to work for a summer, this past january, etc. i realized that yes, those times when i grew the most, learned about myself, and made the hardest decisions were so worth it. they are the times i look back on with fondness, and i wouldn't trade 'em for the world.

so, i took a good look at my options for the upcoming year, and decided that i needn't pansy out. if it's hard, it will be worth it in the end for one reason or another. and that's just a fact.


brook said...

ps the pic of the astronaut is one of the ones from the hubble!

Viviana said...

We all go through this path one time or another. Good for you! No doubt you will continue to grow stronger, smarter, wiser, etc. I wish I was smart like you when I was your age.

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

You are the second person to tell me that IMAX show is life changing, and that doesn't happen with many movies (unless you're 13 years old). I hope it's still playing in SLC when I return this Fall.