Why I have the best friends ever

and since i posted that last vid.....and girls seem to need to tell each other how much they love each other and how great of friends they are, here are some priceless quotes from my guy and girl friends lately:

1. After relating the most hilarious story on the face of earth, I received this sound adivce: "So, my advice, Brookie, is never wear star trek clothing outside of your house. Stick to your asthma t-shirts."

2. The best description of a creepster that walked into a novelty store (you can almost smell him): "This one didn't smile as much (in reference to another creepster that frequents the novelty shop). He was pretty bad. Slightly overweight with a weird slouch. Big, squareish 80's computer geek glasses, arms that seemed rigid, stationary at his sides as he walked, an uncomfortable stare, and, oddly, bleached hair. I didn't hear him say a word, and he wandered around the store, appraising novelties as a wine connoisseur examines a vineyard's latest batch, holing it up to the light, getting a feel for its color and bouquet, analyzing texture, quality, and sheen. While it's unlikely that he'll eclipse king creeper at the top of the creep food chain, he's formidable..."

3. "Yoga not only is healthy for your body and mind...but also for lame 'relationships.' " (yoga was a great excuse to get out of a lame hang-out)

4. Liz I'd put your epic one on here, but it'd give away all of my secrets...maybe in a year or so :)


David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

The real question is: What were YOU doing at a novelty shop? Buying a Star Trek outfit?

Michelle said...

Dude, this makes me miss you tons! Come visit!

Tauni said...

Hey, thanks for stopping over at my blog and entering the J. Crew giveaway!

I had a chance to look through a bit of your blog...you've got lots of fun photos :)

Come back and visit soon!

Alexandra said...

I want an asthma shirt!! haahaha.

also, I think you should post your vintage japanese brook spazziness video on here. YES.

Viviana said...

We each have asthma shirts!! Brook should get one for every friend!

brook said...

alealejandra--the shirt is yours.

@dave...haha! my friend's boyfriend actually works at the novelty shop and taht was his description in a text. soooo epic.