crowd surfing life

sometimes we just have to crowd surf through a period of our lives.

i don't know if you've ever crowd surfed, but let me tell you if you haven't, everyone has to try it once. it's awesome....

but i digress. i feel lately like i've been completely crowd surfing life, my entire being upheld and pushed forward by those around me who i love, or even who i may not know. people have listened to my relentless stories and drama. random strangers have given me kind hugs and smiles and even gift cards when i've needed it the most. people have cried with me. my best friends have sent me picture text messages to cheer me up. they've sent me messages to make me feel loved. they've talked to me on the phone from: new york, DC, new jersey, california, and virginia. not to mention my parents who are beyond incredible.

okay, now this is starting to sound like an acceptance speech.

but i want you to visualize all of the people who have figuratively "held me up" and literally pushed me forward.....crowd surfing life. i've always been extremely independent, but i've realized that sometimes it's ok to not be ok. it's fine if we need to talk, and it's perfectly normal if we cry. you know why? because sometimes we're the crowd, and sometimes we're the surfer.


Viviana said...

Brook, you are on a roll. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for inspiring me to continue to move forward leaving behind my fears. We are all held by others in some sense or another. Not many of us are willing to admit to the help of others though. I still remember the sign you made when you were about 11 -12 years old: "Fear not, doubt not" - Love you

Viviana said...

I have been living that crowd surfing life these past months, with so many people holding me up; literally and prayerfully. I think its about time for me to be the crowd!
Thanks for sharing-
Tracy :)

Colette said...

Wow brook, you've got a much more positive outlook on these hard times than I do of my own. I've really enjoyed your last few posts. Please keep sharing your thoughts. They've been MY crowd many times, even if just to help me think about trials in a new light.
You are wonderful.

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Thou art correct. We need to hang out soon. And maybe even at a time other then the big group date. I'm living in the same complex as last year so next time your in Provo hit me up!