i am a sneaky dating ninja

so i'm pretty sneaky...
like all the time...
but i'm especially sneaky when it comes to boys.

here's the thing. i may be giving my secrets out all in one post, but maybe, just maybe, if i've ever done this to you, you can feel very flattered.

the eternal (well, hopefully not eternal) dilemma is how to keep the conversation going with guys you're digging between dates, between the weekend, and especially if you're juggling a few boys *aghem* between every other weekend!

so here's my trick. ready?? sending a "random" or "accidental" text message.


here are a few examples of perfect texts to get the conversation going:
1. "hey i'm here!" or "here!" or "come out!"
     a. follow up a few seconds later (this part is optional): "oops"
2. "hey it was great seeing you at the party! let's hang out again soon!" <--this one cracks me up every time
3. making something up. for example, if a guy you're into is into BMW M6s, then say something like "hey i'm totally driving right behind an M6 right now!"
4. another great make-up text: "hey i just saw insert name here. they said hi!"

sound ridiculous? maybe. but after a few confession sessions, i realize more girls do it than you know.
after all, the key is to make the guy think it's his idea, right?? :)


Jules, James, & Ben said...

Brook you are hilarious! This is why we need to talk soon. I need to know who these boys your juggling are!

Brooklyn said...

Have totally done this.

MissKris said...

hahahahah LOVE it!

thatonegirl said...

you crack me up
i used to do this... minus making it up. i would look for things that he was interested in... intensely. and once i even figured out a guys schedule so i could say i just saw him but was too busy to say hi...

Karina Marie said...

you kill me

Anonymous said...

I hate to think of my daughter as a predator!

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

I can't lie, that's pretty clever. Dating is a skill, and you are taking it to a new level.