here i am in Cupertino. this place smells, feels like, and looks like home. it is home to me. i've had a lovely time being with my family, and remanscing about beautiful and hilarious times we've had with just the three of us.

i've been thinking about lot about Christmas, and what it means to me, and in all honesty, i think it all comes down to love. us needing, sharing, understanding, and living love in our lives, and the only way to be able to gain more and more for even those we may not want to love is through Christ.

i hope you've all had a gorgeous Christmas, and that you've all been able to soak up all the warm fuzzies Christmas has to offer. hopefully you've filled your heart (and stomach) so you feel like if you sit around any longer you might explode, and hopefully you can find more ways to love others.

this video made me cry (although sometimes it doesn't take a lot to make me cry haha). the simple little 3-min video combined: the weepies, BYU's modern dance program, and modern dance, all of which are my favorites. click on the link to see his actual Web site (and the making-of which is inspiring!!!!), but for now just enjoy the video.

love, warm fuzzies, and cold noses,


Brooklyn said...

Crazy! I forgot you're from the Bay Area. I've been to your hometown! :)

Brooklyn said...

P.S. I <3 the Weepies.

Allison said...

Merry Christmas!!

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Is it too late to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year?

thatonegirl said...

you amaze my dear... It is people like you who make it ok for others to love in the hardhearted world.
kudos and love

Stephanie L. said...


Stephanie L. said...


brook said...

haha hey stephanie!!
i deactivated my fbook for a month, maybe longer.....faceBROOK was too addicted :)