you set me on fiiiire

so, i haven't blogged for a few months now. i'm on a really great roll.

this may not be my most insightful blog post, but this is the way my mind works, and my URL is brook's thoughts on life....so here goes.

upon listening to britney spears' latest album on repeat for a few weeks now (sorry, roommate, you know who you are) i've come to one conclusion: there is one great britney spears song to document and represent ever significant event in my adult life.*

the following is my explanation. bear with me, i define my life in terms of friend groups, boys, and significant health problems. sad, i know.

1. ...baby one more time: jr. high. i shaved my legs for the first time. i had my first pretend boyfriend (don't worry mom and dad, we didn't kiss or anything--just told everyone we were boyf/gf).
2. oops i did it again: graduated jr. high, started high school, made dance team, field hockey team, and loads of other stuff.
3. toxic: graduated from HS, first real boyfriend. we were in high school love. it was cute. oh, and i went to college in a completely different state--a cold one, nonetheless.
4. slave for you: had a whirlwind dance team season, then quit. made it to CCS finals for field hockey (that's a big deal!).
5. piece of me: changed my major (this was my "stick it to the man" song), broke a few hearts after having mine smashed, took dancing seriously again in college.
6. gimme more/womanizer: second boy i ever loved....he liked dancing, and we had so much fun. dancing+fun=britney spears, naturally.
7. circus: new town (moved from provo finally!), new friends, new job, new interests.
8. ...and the latest, gasoline/set me on fire: new job, new boy interest, new outlook on life, new country to visit, new QUARTER OF A CENTURY!, new house/apartment/condo, new clothes (haha)...

in conclusion: besides her own crises (shaved head?! back-up dancer hubs, crazy kids, and over-exposures), britney has been the only thing true to me (besides my dear loyal boyfriend of a car, oh and my parents). her music has never left my side through the thick and the thin (literally). through all my boys, majors, life decisions, moves, and jobs.

britney, keep killin' it.
*adult is being defined as over 14, because this is my blog and i do what i want


Mallory said...

No shame. I love it.

I shouldn't be surprised that you are listening to her new album on repeat...but maybe I still am. No, I'm not.

Dance party soon?

Lalis said...

I will not lie when I say that once I had a very enlightening moment listening to "Stronger"

I think you understand. Heh...

Anonymous said...

Brittany Spears! Ugh! What's next? Mick Jagger?

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

I've never read an expose on Britney like that. Thanks for walking me through the last decade of your life. And thanks for commenting on my blog, I love it! I'm sad I'm going to miss you next week in VA. :( I'll be in Boston.

Alexis Kaye said...

haha I love that you timeline your life through Brittany Spears! And Your blog title, and the header, love it! :)

Linze Kate said...

Glad you're back. :)

P.S. I can pinpoint each of these songs to a memory, except the last one.... I Wanna Go is my current. Haha!

Nicole said...

Brook Brook. I'm just bein a creep and I found your blog... and I love it.


Kirill said...

haha Brook, i love number 5! ))) That's a fun way to look at life through various songs. Awesome post