vietnam: china hates us

we had a 14 hour lay-over both ways in china on the way to vietnam (after a 14 hour flight), and we wanted nothing more than to get out and explore china! well, after trying relentlessly to get a visa here in the US, we figured we could just try to get one while we were in vietnam. i mean, wouldn't china want us to spend our hard-earned cash there? wouldn't they just want to boost tourism/their economy?? you would think so!
in the end, china hates us and wouldn't let us into their country without: a written invitation from someone in china, a perfect itinerary of where we'd go, what we'd do, who we'd see and smell and look at and smile at, how many steps we'd take total, and about how many inches apart each of those steps would be, what our outfit would look like every waking minute, and how many people we'd say "i love china" to on the street. instead, we were forced to go in circles in the smallest, dumbest airport on the planet. we may or may not have instead: spent hours doing our makeup in the duty free shops, gone to see buddahs to buy in the two shops total a FEW times, gotten a "milkshake" (read: milk with nesquick, oh and the disclaimer at the bottom: food may not taste like the picture, and yes, the chinese lady laughed at us when we complained) that cost something close to $15.00, and figured out which bathrooms had holes in the ground, and which ones you could sit on.
honestly, we were pretty bugged at china, and you know what? that's one of those countries that has been taken off my "to see" list for life!! (yes, us latinas know how to hold a good grudge!)

at the vietnamese/chinese border in northern vietnam. we were giving china attitude! take that!

we love vietnam!!

the road that takes you to china. in vietnamese: beware, china isn't very nice!! in chinese: enter at your own risk!


Mami said...

hahahaha! get over it, you cannot always get your way.

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I LOVE your shirt, Brook.