i've been here one month today, and the only two good things i could come up with to whine about:

1. i can't get more tan because then my expensive foundation/makeup wont match!!
2. i hate when my new roomie and friends have the same "good side" as me...super inconvenient for pictures because our only options become a) we have to look like we're spooning because we're all doing the same good side; b) one of us has to, heaven forbid, take the pic on our bad side; c) we are on the bad side but twist our heads all weird so it's on the good side but it ends up being awkward/bad/weird; d) we take 500 pictures each with a few on our good side.

...and don't tell me you don't know what i'm talking about!


(one of us is on our good side, and the other is not....who is who?!)


Viviana said...

Lucky you at least have one good side, if you say so. I don't have any! Is that the problem with browngirls?

Michelle said...

You are on your good side, because why would you post a pic of yourself on your bad side?

Do I win something?

Mallory said...

I must not be a good white girl because I have no idea which side is my good side. Probably my bum.

Also I read the post you linked to, and your thoughts below and I fell in love with you a little more. And want to share more love and DO more. Something you always motivate me to do.

pops said...

Your body doesn't have a bad side, but your vanity has two bad sides and a funny side.

Alexandra said...

to the max! haha

brook said...

michelle! you totally win something. maybe a trip to AZ! :)
and mal, your best side is your backside for sure.