world changers

a few people have wondered what exactly my program is. they've all asked what do you study in your courses? what will you be when you grow up? what can you even do with a degree like that?

this is the reason i am in the program.
the kids in the dominican republic changed me forever.
puerto plata, DR, 2006

well, i had a great post talking about how i felt about everyone in my class, how awesome they all are, and how i felt entirely inadequate. however, one of the girls in my cohort took the words right out of my mouth, so i'll just link to her post. seriously, these people are incredible, and i feel like i've hit the ground running. if i can only lift where i stand, i feel like i might make a small difference in the world. click here to see her thoughts.

...and to leave you with a little snippet of our passion, enthusiasm, and desire to change the world, we watched this in class on monday. let me tell ya, i was fighting holding back tears, and i know all of us in my program would do this, given the chance. i can't wait until some video of me SCHOOLING the UN is posted on youtube! 

love you all,


pops said...

Love note #1.

Amy Lovell said...

I'm so excited for you and your new program, I'm kind of jealous actually!

Viviana said...