dear life,

dear really weird last week....or two,
i only have one word to describe you right now: awkward.
  1. causing difficulty. hard to do or deal with.
  2. not smooth or graceful. ungainly.
  3. uncomfortable or abnormal.

for now i'll just "keep [my] head up" like my dear friend 2pac said. (oh and enjoy a lot of valentine's day candy. it's my favorite!! besides cadbury eggs during easter...)


dear lady wingmen, 
our intramural basketball team is HILARIOUS and i absolutely LOVE us. even though we got smashed yesterday with a score of 58 to 9, we still were able to have such enthusiasm (not to mention our awesome fans)! i'd like to give a shout out to kristina for scoring a 3 pointer, and one to myself for scoring the first basket of the game (am i allowed to do that??), and to adeline and...i honestly can't remember who scored the other basket! good job ladies, and we'll rock it the next time.

your captain (for all those reading--i'm not captain because i'm good, cuz i'm not, but because i got the team together)
ps. we MUST work on our "hard core" faces...they're not too good.


The Cotterell Family said...

Who is the girl jumping up behind you guys in the second picture with some green thing around her neck/head? I figure she just wants to be on the team. . .

brook said...

haha..she's one of the team's fans. and let me tell you, we could definitely use her height on our little midget team...

Ch_d R_gers said...

its hard to "score" if you're all wingmen.