my first tag.

woah i feel honored to be tagged! (hopefully season was talking about me, and not another brook she knows! haha...that would be embarrassing.)

i'm supposed to write 7 random/weird facts about myself, so here goes!

1.  i like some really unusual music. besides the normal likes of a girl (love songs, n*sync, a little bit of punk, a little bit of hip hop to dance to) i like some very unconventional picks. imogen heap is one of my favorite artists ever of all time; this is mostly due to my exposure to her during modern dance (which tells you right there that she has to be weird!). she is a mix of electronic, experimental, wonderful piano, etc. i also really like led zeppelin, and yes--both of which are old school rock that most girls my age don't like. i also like deep forest, pinback, mercedes sosa (an argentine anti-communist revolutionist), tupac, debussy, and chopin.

2.  every time i drop something, i think it is hilarious to drop it like it's hott or do some sort of dance move when i'm picking it up. 

3.  i always lock my doors as soon as i get into a car. our family used to own a 3-seater truck, which was a great car for our little 3 person family (yes, i am an only child). one time when we were late to church, we were speeding and turning left on an already red light when our little truck's door swung open, my mom was hanging out of the car screaming frantically as both of our dresses blew up in our faces, and the only thing she had to hold on to was my long red hair (it was down to my waist). after that, i always lock my door. what if i don't have anything to hold on to??

4.  i sleep with a face mask and ear plugs most of the time. is that totally high maintenance? exceptions include: most vacations, when i forget them, and all-nighters--obviously. obligatory times include: airplanes, day naps, and road trips. 

5.  i used to be a model in japan. see picture for details. i even had my own billboard in tokyo.
ps. the kid hated me because i was a total brat to him, and the only way that they could get him to stay and take the picture was if they gave him a pack of gum--which i stole from him later that day

6.  i am a news junkie. i check health news, regular news, utah news, celebrity news, etc. all the stinkin' time. i feel like i especially need to here in provo, where the bubble doesn't really extend into the real world much.

7.  i've always wanted to blow the buzzer at some sporting event. i think that would be rad. i'd be happy at an intramural game, although a warriors game would be even cooler.


Season Cotterell said...

Hey I love the tag. It was for you so know worries. I think it is so fun to hear funny things about people you would never know. I hope all is well.

The Cotterell Family said...

Brook, I am so glad that you are not the only one that has been a random model. I have also been in fashion shows for American Girl (the dolls, I'm sure you had one, right?), ZCMI, Nordstrom (they had the best lunches for the models) and have been on a front cover and inside the catalog of Mrs. Field's Cookies (the swag after of cookies upon cookies was the best). I think you look really cute though in your clothes.

The Cotterell Family said...

PS: I am so glad you used the word "rad" in your post. I use it a lot but Taylor always makes fun of me so I have to use it sparingly. . .

brook said...

oh I loved the American Girl dolls. Samantha was my favorite! that's so awesome that you did random modeling! any chance of those pictures resurfacing?

Alex said...

You were such a cute little girl...what happened??

haha!! J.K. (as in Rowling...jk)