dear stuff i will check of my life's list,

dear things i've always wanted to do:
being in a music video or reality dance TV show or being on a professional sports dance team,
riding in a hot air balloon,
hang gliding,
visiting havasupai, dubai, greece, spain, the southernmost tip of the world, scotland, australia, 
meeting a warriors player, 
reading a wonderful novel in a cottage in england with a gorgeous field of daisies,
hiking mt. timp,
kayaking in the indian ocean,
riding an elephant,
being totally dirt poor with my hubby in some ghetto basement shack with no AC or heating (okay maybe not that bad..but doesn't it sound kind of romantical?),
attending a session in the campinas brasil temple,
...and lots of other things i can't think of,

i've only accomplished two (the most recent being blowing a buzzer at an intramural game. actually i blew it a lot. and enjoyed it every time that i did!! anyone need a sub??).
lets get going...
the world is my oyster!! (or you could say that i've got all of the oysters in the world. you choose)

lovingly and impatiently,
brookie baby


Jill said...

i think you need to add "watch the entire back to the future trilogy in order" to your list. please. for your own sake.

brook said...

jill! you are so right...and the "in order" part is the key!