a little nostalgic...

it seems like at certain times of the year, i miss my family more than ever. some examples include: easter, my birthday, usually october (haha), and other random times of the year.

general conference is one of those times, and it's this coming weekend. during the last conference in october, my parents actually had the chance to come out to utah for conference, and it was so wonderful. i look back at that weekend with nothing but love.

this year, my parents are actually in chile with the rest of my mom's family, and that kind of makes me a little homesick.  i wish i was there with all of them, but alas it wasn't possible this time.

this conference is going to be totally weird, because usually i have family or some friends to go with as i always get tickets to every session. since my friends all have family here this weekend, and my roommates are otherwise occupied, i'll have some friends for one session, but not the other ones. who knows, if you stand on the corner with a sign, maybe you'll score some pretty good seats at conference.

well, i hope everyone's as excited for this conference as i am. if i think where i was the last conference, so much has happened since then, it's insane! ahhh! well, have a lovely weekend.

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Alex said...

i am thinking of you this weekend and sending lots of amor from the land of your ancestors...