dear brad pitt,

dear dreamboat,
i can't wait to meet you soon. there's no way they wont cast my "unique" look.
i'll see you on our date.
your secret admirer,
brookie cookie


Martha said...

i am so happy we can be blogger friends. you should post about either hsm or zac efron. i'm fine with either one.

Photography by Evaly said...

ooo-good luck!

Nate and Heidi said...

lol youre a nerd!!! but i still love you!

Stephanie C. said...

I will vouch for your uniqueness. Not many gingers with ghetto booties out there.

Stephanie C. said...

ps. sorry for the chapter president comment. forgot to switch lol

Peter V. Hilton said...

brad pitt's the man.

found you via stephanie's blog. huzzah!