dear hispanic amy,

dear sassy-frass,
well, is this direct enough? i just have a few things to say to you.
a) i think you are hilarious, and i love your sense of humor. it does NOT pain my soul. ever. maybe my cheeks from flexing them during laughing so hard.
b) gchatting with you has changed my life forever
c) you are foxy.
d) well anything else i would say would break confidentiality, so i'll keep it to this.
fellow hispanic, wardie, and sarcasm-lover,


Nate and Heidi said...

heck YES ill be your blogging buddy!!! lol luv ya brook!

thatonegirl said...

i see that guy at the gym all the time... or does it seem that he has multiplied as of late? eh anyways, yes i got a blog... thanks to the incessant bugging of a certain roommate :P

faith said...

okay, i think it's hilarious that you have a court date. good luck.

Amy said...

Oh Brookie,

1) Yes this is direct enough.
2) You too induce fits of laughter from me...and I love that you posted this before reading my plea.
c) I warned you of my gchatting prowess...hopefully it's been a change for the better.
4d) If your definition of foxy is "crafty or slyly clever" then yes, yes i am!
BINGO?) Thank you for preserving confidential matters...and for making me (in)famous on your blog.

Wishing you hadn't left for the sunny shores of Cali,
Amy, the Sass to the Frass, check out that...uh...nevermind.

PS-You will have a nickname...soon, very soon.

brook said...

faith-i know, it's pretty embarrassing about my court date...i'll let you all know how it goes.

amy-i'm back from cali. be prepared for awesome times.