dear "remember when",

dear i remember exactly where i was during these events,

hey there. i was just thinking that i remember exactly where i was and how i reacted when i heard about 9/11...and then i tried to remember what else i remember exactly so here's an all-encompassing list:

when i heard the news of 9/11
when princess diana died
when byu beat the utes in football the first time in  couple of years (well i was at the game, but honestly it was amazing and if i wasn't there i'd remember exactly where i was)
when i heard of pres. hinckley's death
when they read the verdict of the o.j. simpson trial
when columbine happened
when the tsunami in indonesia area happened
when the red sox won the world series for the first time in something like 80 years
and that's all i could come up with. 
any other ones that you distinctly remember?

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Jill said...

i remember exactly where i was when i found out pres. benson died. that was kind of a while ago.