dear provo personalities,

dear raj,
although sometimes you are a little creepy, i think you are hilarious. thank you for making my 4 years here enjoyable. ever since my freshman year, i've frequented 7/11 at least once a week to buy a $1.05 slurpee. you da best. and no, i don't want your gross week-old donuts for half price.
your favorite customer,

dear indie rock,
you are the coolest. your skinny jeans, 70's glasses, dirty hair, v-necks, beach cruisers, and dance moves make me jealous of your coolness. you are so bold and so unique -all 500 of you that look exactly the same. i'll miss you dearly.
i wish i was indie rock,
pop princess brook

dear homeless man that roams the street,
you are my hero. you survive the tundra in the winter, and the desert in the summer. keep on keepin' on.
with admiration,

dear star wars lovers,
why are there so many of you in this awesome little town? who knows. but either way, there have been some of you in every ward i've been in and i've loved you every single time. i love your fashion. i love your jokes. i love even more what you've thought of me, although i've never understood you.
long live luke sky walker,

dear pre's (pre-med, pre-law, pre-dental),
i know you think you are really cool (and don't get me wrong, i think you are), but when introducing yourself just say your real major. you don't have to impress us with your pre-ness. we'll be more impressed by your humility, not your desire to make money. gooooood luck with the debt, and your hunt for a wife.
wishing i could be a pre,

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Alex said...

oh my freak- Raj STILL hasn't offered you 2-for-1 slurpees?
That tool.

Ditto on the "Pre-[major]" people! AGREED.

Star Wars- Can you say millerrrrr...