dear stranger,

dear dude buying Fiji water,
I am so glad that I was forced to buy a stranger something for my English class.  Without that excuse, I would have gone on living my mostly self-centered life.  I know you were a little freaked out by the fact that I bought your water, but your reaction and those around you were entirely worth it.  Not only were you utterly surprised, but it seemed like you were thrilled to the bone.  I loved that the woman behind you said to me "you just made my day worth living today" right after mentioning the movie Pay it Forward.  I also loved that everyone behind you in line at 7/11 expected me to purchase their convenience store items of desire.  I wish I had enough money to do so, because I honestly love to do stuff like this. Thanks for not being weird about me buying you your water, and I DO indeed hope that you pay it forward as we ALL should more often.  Enjoy your water.
Lovingly (in a completely platonic sort of way),
Student of English 316

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