WARNING: random thoughts are about to escape my random brain (which if you want to learn more about me and my randomness, you should read the amazing post. alejandra has me pinned right on. i love that girl although the pictures she chose were not the most flattering)

what does tagging in the blog world mean:
a) tag, you're it
b) tagging as in graffiti in the streets
c) or tag as in a label

i choose b. 

welllll, miss taryn tagged me a while back, and no worries, i didn't forget about it, but i had done one similar to it before. i looked around for a different tag that i could do, but alas decided to do what she originally tagged me to do.

i have to come up with 6 unimportant facts about myself, link back to the person who tagged me's blog, and tag 6 new people at the end of my blog....so here goes!

1. i am quite obsessed with the weather. i check it habitually, often up to 6 or 7 times a day. i always look at 3 things: the UV rays, the hour-by-hour, and the 10 day report.
2. EVERYTHING reminds me of a song. "sing, sing a song..." (name that artist)
3. i always count in my head when i walk. i count in patterns and see how many steps it takes per square. sometimes i will count how many steps total from one place to another. sometimes i count how many sections of concrete i pass. every time it is different, but i am always counting.
4. i love free post-it notes and pens and can never have enough.  i often find myself walking out of doctors offices with them, and i have many random post-it notes from events such as E.A.S.Y., BYU Spring and Summer Programs, and campaigns in my health classes.
5. i currently can not get enough of tie-dye and cotton dresses.  they make summer more bearable.
6. i doodle all over the place.  i am always writing lists, my signature, other people's names, random words from what i am listening to, etc. i love practicing my handwriting, and trying out new styles.

who i am tagging: amy g, m train, mallory robinson, stephanie criddle, heidi slater, and priscilla (and if you feel so inclined to do so, please go right ahead!)


Alex said...

I can put more flattering ones on...I just think the ones I chose were most indicative of your silliness...

Viviana said...

I didn't know you always count on your head... The weather!!? yeah... I knew that one. Tie-dye... it is a fad. Stop it!!