dear graduation,

dear i can't believe you're finally here,
i honestly can't believe you've finally come. tomorrow, i will be wearing that hideous mumu-look-alike and i can not believe it's finally my time! this is a little odd as it seems the last four years i've been waiting for you to come so swiftly, and now that it's here, i don't want you to come. i love to learn! (i just don't love the papers, exams, and finals). mom and dad, maybe i can go back to school and get a second major? naw, forget it. i've been going for 10 semesters straight, and it's about stinking time. thanks for coming, graduation, despite the hatred i felt towards school, and the love i felt towards it. this will feel so great to meet with you tomorrow!
i'll see you tomorrow,

dear real life,
you are not as welcome as graduation. in fact, you're absolutely terrifying and totally intimidating. i don't know when you'll "hit me" but i hear it's a low blow, and pretty painful. don't worry, i come braced with the armor of God. okay, but seriously, i do come braced with a diploma in B.S. take that! hope to meet you soon...


Alex said...

aw girl you are going to rock the real world. they should make a reality show about it- it would make for good tv. congrats!!!

Brady and Taryn said...

Congrats on graduating Brook!!! The best feeling in the world is when everyone else is going through finals week, and you don't have to :) Are you moving back to Cali?

N. S. H. said...

I just found out there`s no such thing as the real world. It`s just a lie we`ve got to rise above.

faith said...

congratulations, brook. that's wonderful!

brook said...

thanks so much, guys! taryn, to answer your question i'm actually going to stay in provo for now. it should be fun! and alex, yes they should make a reality tv show. there's plenty of drama for it to be exciting, lol.