grown ups are sneaky...

as part of my job, i have to go to different trainings, and one is the open airways training that my coworker cherissa does. open airways is a program where volunteers go into elementary schools and teach 8-11 year olds who have asthma how to manage it, and it gives them a great support system. it's really a great program and has proven to be successful.

but....back to why i'm telling you about this. we were doing a training at byu the other night, when cherissa went into detail on what to do with trouble kids. there are always "types" she said. usually an over-eager type, chatterbox, trouble maker, whisperer, and a shy one. with the first four, one main way to overcome their difficult personalities (and ESPECIALLY if they are trouble makers), the best thing to do is to have them hold up posters, or pass out handouts.

right about then is when i started hysterically laughing because my mind flashed back to my childhood. anyone who knows me really well knows i like to talk, but never saw me in elementary school. i was serious trouble, until fifth grade when all of my teachers started asking me to "help" with holding signs (making faces in the background the whole time), passing out papers (which was my favorite cuz i got to visit all my friends and crushes), etc. i always felt so special and thought that it was because the teachers loved me, but now i realize that it was probably because i was the trouble child.

so here's to all of the poster holders, and hand-out passer-outers.
grown ups are sneaky...


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Alex said...

HAHA! Grown ups are SO sneaky!!!