snippets of marvelouslessness

this weekend i had some wonderful little moments.....

1. favorite quote from conference: "this is our one and only chance at mortal life; here and now. the longer we life, the greater is our realization that it is brief"-pres. monson. what a great reminder that we all need to enjoy life, and live it as fully as we can!

2. i got to sit next to sheri dew during one session in conference, and i absolutely love her! if you are looking for something wonderful to read (or listen to in my case....those SLC drives are long), then read her book "no one can take your place"

3. i peeked during a prayer (don't worry--read on and you'll see who ELSE peeked) and i saw something so cute and precious. president eyring was conducting, and during the prayer, he was fixing and straightening his tie, reading his notes in that magical book they all read out of, and he smoothed his hair. how cute is that?

4. i peeked in another prayer (okay okay, i'm a peeker, so don't ever pick your nose or wedgie during the prayer because i'll see you), and during the prayer president monson grabbed pres eyring and pres uchtdorf (not to be confused with brook dorff)'s hands. how cute is that?

5. i was at the grocery store and i saw a cute little old man that was walking so slowly, he was practically going backwards.  asked him if he needed help carrying the groceries, and after repeating it about 4 times, each time getting progressively louder, he finally understood and chuckled the cutest little chuckle i have EVER heard. he then proceeded to "flex" for me and said, "you're a doll, but no thanks." awwwww.

ps. i love my job


thatonegirl said...

hahaha! i love it! this made my day, i appreciate your peeks, and its ok the cameramen do it too

and... i loooooooove fall as well... its the best

Mallory said...

I adore that you noticed what President Eyring was doing. I guess they are real people. PS I peek during prayers.

Viviana said...

awwww... Thanks for sharing

Alex said...

Prayer peekers unite!!! I totally peek in DU front page meetings and even steal things from people. I know, blasphemy, right?! hahaha!

I love the Monson prayer peek story. that is tender.