i'm weird

1. sometimes, if i look at a word, or a person's face for too long, they look weird to me. in the case of a word, i get a gut-wrenching feeling that:
a) i spelt it wrong
b) english is a RIDICULOUS language
c) am i pronouncing this right.
in the case of someone's face, the following emotions run through me like a kaleidoscope:
a) eyebrows are WEIRD
b) i feel like i haven't seen them in forever
c) are we all this funny looking?

2. on blogger, if you wanna leave a comment you have to write out letters in a box to make sure you're not some sleazy person (actually i don't really know why it's there). either way, i ALWAYS sound the word out in my head, and usually type the word into my MacBook dictionary incase it's legit. 98% of the time, it's not real.

3. i make lists. all. the. time. i make lists about which lists i have to make (no joke here).

4. i loveee to sing in the car. i lovveeeee to check myself out in the car. and i love even more to combine the two previous things. 

5. i'm always re-arranging furniture and decorations. i get too bored too easily.

that's enough of my confessions. in the meantime, enjoy this picture:


Carissa & Jonathan Kougias said...

Hey beautiful! great pic! your hair is getting so long!!

Alex said...