"it's the iPod"

well, as i'm sure most of you know, tomorrow will be a huge vote.

in california, there is a lot going on with proposition 8 about protecting marriage and ensuring it remains between a man and a woman. 
while campaigning for "yes on 8," my dad encountered a really interesting man.
the man opened the door, and my dad asked him how he felt about prop 8. the man then proceeded to say, "it's the iPod." naturally, my dad was entirely confused and said, "i'm afraid i don't understand." annoyed, the man said again, "it's the iPod. look inside- how do you THINK i feel?"
my dad took a look inside, and found a blonde woman standing in her robe who waved hesitantly. again, my dad asked, "i don't think i'm understanding" thinking to himself that maybe the woman was a man dressed as a woman, and that this man was opposed to prop 8.
"it's the iPod," he said. "the whole world knows what the iPod is, what it looks like, and who it's made by. if another company tried to come out and say that THEY in fact made an iPod too, everyone would think that was ludicrous because they would know that it's not in fact the iPod, but a replica. they would know that it was forfeit and that they were trying to pretend to be something that it's not. they would be accused of lying and maybe even sued. it's the same with marriage. i am married to a woman. that is called marriage. that is what marriage is. if someone else tried to do something different and call it marriage, i would think it was ridiculous. go ahead and call it something else, i don't care, but don't call it the same thing as i have with my wife."
i thought that was an amazing analogy. 
vote yes on 8.....


Christy said...

I love that story!! That's great!

Brady and Taryn said...

What a good analogy! LOVE that video. How interesting, and comforting that NONE of the candidates support gay marriage.